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Quick Integration for Android

1. Java Installation

ShipBookSDK is available through mavenCentral. To install it, simply add the following line to the dependencies in your build.gradle:

implementation 'io.shipbook:shipbooksdk:1.+'

2. Initializing ShipBook into your code

Add the following to your application file:

import io.shipbook.shipbooksdk.ShipBook;

And add the following to onCreate():

ShipBook.start(this,"YOUR_APP_ID", "YOUR_APP_KEY");

3. Quick Implementation

You can call all the usual Android logs, the only difference is that you should change the import from import android.util.Log; to import io.shipbook.shipbooksdk.Log;.

import io.shipbook.shipbooksdk.Log;

For example:

Log.e(TAG, "the log message"); // Error log
Log.w(TAG, "the log message"); // Warning log
Log.i(TAG, "the log message"); // Info log
Log.d(TAG, "the log message"); // Debug log
Log.v(TAG, "the log message"); // Verbose log

4. Run your app to verify installation.