React-Native (Beta) - Quick Integration

1. Installation with NPM#

Shipbook is available through: NPM

npm i @shipbook/react-native

2. Initializing ShipBook into your code#

To initialize shipbook, add the following:

import shipbook from '@shipbook/react-native';
shipbook.start("YOUR_APP_ID", "YOUR_APP_KEY");

3. Adding logs#

To have a log on each class you need to create a logger:

import shipbook from '@shipbook/react-native';
let log = shipbook.getLogger("MODULE_NAME");

The usage of the log:

log.e("the log message"); // Error log
log.w("the log message"); // Warning log
log.i("the log message"); // Info log
log.d("the log message"); // Debug log
log.v("the log message"); // Verbose log

4. Run your app to verify installation.#