The heartbeat monitor of your app. The Bridge provides in depth graphs of system metrics including log errors and usage per app version over time. For an extensive overview of actual app stability. The graphs below are a direct reflection of the app and log stability:

bridge main dashboard and app monitor

Affected Sessions#

affected log sessions

The first feature of the Bridge that should be viewed is the “Affected Sessions” on the left console. “Affected sessions” corresponds to the percent of sessions affected by logs of a specific severity. They are categorized by exceptions, errors and warnings over the selected time span (daily, weekly, or monthly) and app version.

Affected Sessions, corresponds to the number of user sessions in which either an error or warning or exception log occurs.

Loglytics Quick Preview#

loglytics preview of recurring logs

To the right of the Affected sessions is a quickpreview of the recurring logs in your app through Loglytics. Clicking on any individual log in the preview list will open up a new window with the Loglytics Item Page. The item page displays all the relevant data of the selected recurring log.

Display Configuration#

log display configuration

On the top of the Bridge you can choose what time span to view the information in, either hourly, daily, or monthly view.

You can also choose to view a specific app version, or view all of the app’s versions together:

display app version

Bridge Graphs#

Sessions Graph#

bridge log sessions graph display

The Sessions graph displays the amount of sessions in each app version over time. As app upgrades are added, you will be able to view how fast users adopt each new version.

Affected Sessions Graph#

affected log sessions graph

The Affected Sessions graph is located at the top of the page and it displays the percentage of sessions affected by exceptions, errors, and warnings.

Log Graph (Your Heartbeat Monitor)#

log graph display

The Log graph, in the middle, displays the amount of logs in the app according to log type at any point in time (exceptions, errors, warnings, info, debug, and verbose)... essentially the heartbeat monitor of your app logs.

Graph Analysis#

dashboard graph analysis display dashboard graph analysis display dashboard graph analysis display

Hovering with the mouse over the graph in each of the above three graphs will open up an info box with the exact amounts or percentages at the specific point in each graph for the corresponding graph data.

The Bridge essentially brings three different graphs of log metrics, which together will give you a clear picture of your app state and stability over time and app versions.

*Alert Feature:#

Shipbook will automatically send alerts to your e-mail in the event that unusual activity or serious errors are detected, so that you can rest assured, when something urgent is needed you are the first to know.

Note: Alternating Between Companies or Applications within one account#

drop down app log library

If you have a number of different companies within your account: Hover over your company name or app name at the top of the console. A drop down will appear with the various companies or apps under your account. Simply select the company or app of that you wish to view and the console will display that informaiton.