Integration with Firebase Crashlytics

What is the Difference Between Firebase Crashlytics and Shipbook?#

Firebase Crashlytics is perfect for viewing your app crashes. But that is it.

It won't help for any other issues users may be experiencing.

With Shipbook you have visibility of all your app's issues and logs and you can easily integrate Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics for a comprehensive solution.

What are the Advantages to Integrating Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics?#

Don't limit app monitoring to crashes alone.

Get the full picture for all your app’s issues. With Shipbook you have complete visibility of all your app's logs.

Integrating Firebase Crashlytics with Shipbook is fast & simple and will instantly eliminate the guesswork as to the source of the issues.

With one click, view all the logs leading up to the error or exception and uncover why it occurred in the first place.

ShipbookFirebase Crashlytics
Crash Reportingyesyes
Collect & Search All App Logsyesno
Log Analytics & Alertsyesno
Open source SDKyesno

Bottom Line: Only Shipbook can give you real-time information on any problem that your users are experiencing with the transparency that comes with open source SDK.

Display all of the logs leading up to each error, crash, and any other issue in your app for a fast intelligent solution.

If you want to keep using Firebase Crashlytics, integrate Shipbook seamlessly for a comprehensive solution.

To Integrate Shipbook with Firebase Crashlytics:#

just implement the completion callback of ShipBook.start as following:#

ShipBook.start(this,"YOUR_APP_ID", "YOUR_APP_KEY", { sessionUrl ->
FirebaseCrashlytics.getInstance().setCustomKey("shipbookSession", sessionUrl)

Now you'll have in crashlytics a link to the logs of the specific session. The link is in the Keys tab of the a specific crash under the key ShipbookSession.